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Branham People is a Social Network for the End  time Message Believers which allows all believers to be in synchronization with the message and the whole community.

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We believe in Prophet William Marrion Branham, and we have created this social network that brings together believers to share the word. For it is written: Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet; he will restore the hearts of children to fathers. this prosthet is William Marrion Branham


A prophet not like others

he manifested the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, what attracts us

a prophet not like others prophets, with a special ministry, William Marrion Branham has preached throughout the world by manifesting the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ

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When the phophet visited the hereafter, and when the Saints told him that he will be judged according to what he preached, William Branham said: if Paul's believers will enter, then mine will also enter. And thousands of voices all screamed, we all know it and we are resting on that statement

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